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The Sundarbans, Khulna Satkhira

Bangladesh Sundarban,(Khulna)

Khulna  region is especially well-known for the sundarbans. Sundarbans is maximum big single block of tidal mangrove forest within the global. It lies among the sizable bay of bengal ocean and rivers of the ganges and the brahmaputra, it spreads throughout

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The Sundarbans, Khulna    bangladesh and west bengal in india. The waters of those rivers blend with the ocean water and so on this part of their go with the flow the rivers are brackish or saline. Water covers the woodland-islands twice an afternoon throughout high tide.

It’s miles considered a international heritage website via unesco. The wooded area is commonly popular for super vegetation and wildlife. Bushes having roots can breathe at once from the air.

There are various species and it’s miles frequently well-known for royal bengal tiger. The forest safeguards humans of north from cyclones and tsunami waves. Previously, the islanders have been allowed to go into the forest to gather firewood, honey, crab and fish however now these sports had been banned with the aid of the governments of each bangladesh and west bengal.

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Things to do
You could see across a royal bengal tiger swimming throughout the streams or the crocodiles basking on the river banks. You can refresh your thoughts and feast your eyes with the rich erasure that nature has so fondly bestowed. Sundarban is the exceptional place for fowl watchers and photographers. The wild-life and mangrove woodland is crisscrosses river networks.

Travel Tips

Permission from the divisional wooded area officer, khulna is required to visit to the woodland. Prior permission ought to be obtained through written application from the divisional woodland office, circuit residence rd., khulna (tel 20665 or 21173). Required entrance expenses for visitors, vessel or boat are payable on the applicable forest station/variety workplace. Bangladesh parjatan business enterprise offers all-inclusive guided bundle

excursions from dhaka to sundarbans and return at some point of the tourist season (october to march) for agencies (minimum 10 men and women). For information please touch: supervisor

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(excursions), bangladesh parjatan business enterprise, 233 airport avenue, tejgaon, dhaka-1 215, smartphone 325155-fifty nine. Telex 642206 tour bj. Below is a list of well-known locations to be kept in mind for the natural world spotter:

hiron factor (nilkamal) for tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles, birds and natural splendor. Katka for deer, tiger, crocodiles, kinds of birds and monkey, morning and night symphony of untamed fowls. Sizeable expanse of grassy meadows is jogging from katka to kachikhali (tiger point) offer possibilities for wild monitoring. Tin kona island for tiger and deer. Dublar char (island) for fishermen. It’s far a stunning island where herds of spotted deer are frequently visible to graze.

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